The Wonder Erectile Dysfunction Medication

Since Cialis is recommended to be taken before having sex, it does not matter if a dose is missed, but if you need to take it regularly to treat other healthy conditions, then you should take the dose you missed as soon as possible. Do not double the next dose.

Cialis Dosage Safety and What to Avoid

If you have accidentally taken an overdose of the medication, get medical help. Call poison control, call your doctor or get medical attention right away. Do not wait.

Stay away from drinking alcoholic beverages because of the potentially negative effects. Also avoid drinks and foods that are made from grapefruit for the same reason. When you are prescribed and taking Cialis, you need to avoid other erectile dysfunction aids such as Yohimbine and Alprostadil.

Don’t forget that there are some medications that can interact negatively with Cialis. Medications such as antibiotics and antifungal agents that are prescribed or over the counter may cause reactions. Medications that are used for blood pressure treatment may not mix well with this drug in question. Seizure control drugs also fall into this category as well as vitamins that can be purchased anywhere as well as herbal products.